In Search of the REAL History!

As a retired professor of American History with an architecture obsession, I possess an inherent and sometimes overwhelming fascination with post-Civil War construction, from its origins to its originators.   Specific to my interests are researching and locating the fast-fading remnants of numerous New England towns and villages that sprang up almost overnight from the mid-1800s through the very early 1900s in remote areas of the region where an abundance of natural resources lay in wait for exploitation.

Historical Forensics in its true form!  History brought to life, finally!

A detailed blog regarding my trials and tribulations in researching and finding New Milford, New Hampshire a few years back is now complete, from my first spark of interest to final “somewhat” closure.   To read about these true pioneers that led intriguing lives, click on the “New Milford” link.   The grand plan is to add more, god willing!

Other ramblings from this eccentric, young-hearted professor of a different type are also added for your viewing.

Join me on an incredibly fascinating journey to seek out the real history of the towns, their founders, and the citizens that truly make history worth learning about!   Please enjoy and feel free to leave comments at any time!




I am a retired....but not tired....professor of American History from one of those fancy-schmancy northern universities that has an obsession for researching & locating post Civil War New England boom towns, their architecture and the incredible people stories lost to time! My other short list of interests include post civil war-era architecture, Red Sox & Bruins, New England history, historical maps, the Great Northern Woods, estate sales, flea markets, and drive by yard sales!

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